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Nualang is a great new way to supplement existing language teaching methods and lessons

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We want to recognise and reward all of those using Nualang to help teach your students the languages you love. That is why we are offering 75% off to all Nualang educators for the 2021/2022 academic year! Instead of paying €40 per month you will only pay €10 per month per teacher.

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The Nualang Story

The story behind the creation of Nualang.


Meet the Nualas, your language chatbot minions

We’ve created an army of chatbots, we call them Nualas. They are mad keen to be given a student to have a chat with, so they can get to work for you. Some Nuala’s have pre-existing lessons, while others are ready for you to create your own lessons and conversations.

What attracted me to Nualang language application is the unique voice recognition feature, having the ability to speak the language and practise the pronunciation being crucial in language learning.The facility to input a full course customised for your students' needs or tailored to the Irish exam format is valuable. It fits the Irish secondary school language curriculum perfectly: the emphasis on the spoken language presentations with the CBAs in the junior cycle and the oral component of the LCA and LC exam at senior cycle. At exam level, LC and LCA students and teachers can cover and revise all the aspects of the oral exam. It gives great confidence to learners to familiarize themselves with examiner's questions and get to answer them.

Magalie Lalor - French Teacher, Castlecomer Community School